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/a/ - Amateurs

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File: 1543484641784.jpeg (18.4 KB, 474x299, arvhived.jpeg)


This Board Was Archived May 2019
the location of the 20GB archive is

File: 1547889452786.png (1.74 MB, 1076x823, candy97.png)


This bitch loves to show off for everyone!


File: 1547889504647.jpg (11.04 KB, 340x250, candy23.jpg)

still a slut


File: 1547889660882.png (1.87 MB, 1108x838, candy110.png)

Here's more


Post moreeee

File: 1557947066954-0.jpg (31.23 KB, 720x540, mvYFwUW.jpg)

File: 1557947066954-1.jpg (43.08 KB, 540x720, 1q2polZ.jpg)

File: 1557947066954-2.jpg (43.1 KB, 540x720, i8purGA.jpg)


My friend with benefits passed out drunk while we were giving each other massages and I had some fun with her slutty holes. *** if you want more or comment here


yes bump that ass




File: 1558247598995-0.jpg (39.1 KB, 540x720, TF1DF3p.jpg)

File: 1558247598995-1.jpg (38.58 KB, 540x720, C8F6ICq.jpg)

File: 1558247598995-2.jpg (32.73 KB, 540x720, O00NXL1.jpg)

More comments = more pics, what do you wanna see?


Spit on her

File: 1543957647832.jpg (104.87 KB, 640x800, 1518328096264.jpg)


Who has Athena mega?
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Mega please, anything ruben i can *** drop ur mega mail




Make a mega then.



File: 1558296625380.jpg (37.79 KB, 587x400, alan-587x400.jpg)



File: 1557067051583-0.jpg (332.43 KB, 1175x1567, ca69x007.jpg)

File: 1557067051583-1.jpg (245.12 KB, 1141x1042, ca64x014.jpg)


Former model-pics dropped daily
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File: 1558091936122-0.jpg (213.16 KB, 853x1280, cap2x021.jpg)

File: 1558091936122-1.jpg (196.03 KB, 885x1280, cap2x022.jpg)

File: 1558091936122-2.jpg (201.11 KB, 954x1280, cap2x023.jpg)

File: 1558091936122-3.jpg (204.6 KB, 1039x1280, cap2x024.jpg)


File: 1558207286010-0.jpg (208.66 KB, 951x1280, cap2x025.jpg)

File: 1558207286010-1.jpg (239.91 KB, 941x1280, cap2x026.jpg)

File: 1558207286010-2.jpg (111.54 KB, 1039x653, cap2x027.jpg)

File: 1558207286010-3.jpg (97.93 KB, 523x675, cap2x028.jpg)


This is the best thread I ever saw bump for all


File: 1558275917112-0.jpg (259.48 KB, 854x1280, cap3x001.jpg)

File: 1558275917112-1.jpg (231.48 KB, 854x1280, cap3x002.jpg)

File: 1558275917112-2.jpg (227.09 KB, 854x1280, cap3x003.jpg)

File: 1558275917112-3.jpg (220.57 KB, 854x1280, cap3x004.jpg)


Does she have snapchat? I NEED to know?

File: 1556946397714.png (182.74 KB, 252x336, 34.PNG)


cant seem to find any pics or vids?
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dis cord . gg / 86MbVZ


** already




It doesnt work

File: 1550613348544.jpg (393.39 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3877.JPG)


I am requesting post it note with name on it with the following names… Analiz , Darby , Ase , Fly Girl , Lina , Kristin , Samantha , In return I will post never before seen wins. If you could post the note with girl like handwriting and stick it on this girls hand . I will post some of the few hundred wins I got below and more when someone does a good job photoshopping those name to this girls hands.
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File: 1550699854010-0.png (240.01 KB, 492x498, Capture10.PNG)

File: 1550699854010-1.png (906.14 KB, 592x1039, Capture11.PNG)

File: 1550699854010-2.jpg (248.46 KB, 1536x2048, 41020297_675272942840507_8….jpg)

File: 1550699854010-3.jpg (54.34 KB, 750x1334, 41725322_2255073038061377_….jpg)

The videos? Do the post it note and I will post the videos…I have maybe 10 of them that I'm almost done editing myself out of …plus 3-4 other girl depending on how well the post it notes work


Drop the videos or more. You know you like sharing her!!


She’s hot as fuck


File: 1557422518904.png (1.37 MB, 960x1280, names.png)

I knew my girly handwriting would be useful someday, good luck anon



File: 1556850328486.png (462.63 KB, 720x1280, 1554653836800.png)


Anyone have her shower video?


bump…would love videos of her

File: 1557952610326-0.jpg (25.2 KB, 720x540, Snapchat-1374241014.jpg)

File: 1557952610326-1.jpg (30.17 KB, 720x960, Snapchat-707160500.jpg)

File: 1557952610326-2.jpg (47.31 KB, 960x720, Snapchat-2048049459.jpg)


Who wants to see more of this sexy slut


Yes bump

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